For iPhone &
Apple Watch

Download for Apple iOS

Brilliant Features

  • Apple Watch

    Support for the brandnew Apple Watch

  • Fast

    Extremly fast todo creation by using the camera or the camera roll

  • 2 Alerts

    Chose up to 2 Alerts for your Todos

  • Notification

    Local notifications will remind you

  • Easy delete

    Delete Todos with a simple swipe gesture

  • Due Dates

    Perfect list to see all todos with their due-dates

Touch the Innovations

The app supports the newest features of iOS.
Including support for the Apple Watch from day one.


  • Full enabled local notification

    Respond quickly to local notifications. You can choose various actions from your lockscreen, from the notification center or from your Apple Watch.

  • Save Images

    Save your camera captures to your camera roll. Or choose an image to remind from your photo library.

  • No internet access needed

    The app does not connect with any service or save data in the cloud. Everything happens local to protect your privacy.


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